Hello Matanuska AG family, 

While the Church has not ceased to exist and operate for a single moment, I’m so excited to welcome you back to worship together on the church property!!!
Throughout the summer we will plan to do “Church on the Field” as often as possible to both take advantage of our incredibly beautiful location and eliminate several points of concern relating to mitigation.  Here are a few thoughts for this unique season of meeting that we are entering (including specific thoughts for the weeks that weather does not permit us to utilize the outdoor option):


Notes for our future Gatherings:

1) You’ll want to bring your own coffee since we are doing our best to limit points of physical contact

2) We will have every other row taped off to facilitate room to worship and ask that 2-way traffic be limited in all doorways

3) Families will be sitting together; so kids are welcome to be kids and we will plan to provide coloring sheets at the service tied to the lesson video Miss Brittany McClenahan is continuing to release each week

4) We will have a drop box in the back for collecting visitor cards/prayer requests/offerings/etc.

5) We are planning to record the service and make it available online for anyone unable to make to our physical gathering

Your pastors love you Matanuska AG and are praying for you–we can’t wait to see you and worship with you this weekend! 


Pastor Shannon