Hello Matanuska AG family, 

While the Church has not ceased to exist and operate for a single moment during times when we may not be able to gather physically, It’s always an incredible blessing to worship together here in one place!!!

Notes for gathering in our current climate:

1) You’ll want to bring your own coffee since we are still doing our best to limit physical touch points.

2) We encourage adherence to current health recommendations in all our gatherings and do our best to provide sanitizer and masks for any who would like to make use of them.

3) We will have a drop box in the back for collecting visitor cards/prayer requests/offerings/etc.

4) We are planning to continue recording our services and making them available online for any unable to make it to our physical gatherings

Your pastors love you Matanuska AG and are praying for you–we can’t wait to see you and worship with you this weekend! 


Pastor Shannon