LifeGroups: let’s do this together

Our LifeGroups are designed to take our discussion Sunday mornings a little further… into the world in which you live. While our Sunday morning communication is designed with the life and questions of the listener in mind, there is no way to truly have a conversation and meet people right where they are at in a large group setting. It’s our desire and calling to partner with people on their journey of becoming and we feel that becoming happens better in smaller circles than in larger rows. It happens best when we learn from each other; hearing the questions others have, seeing the ways Truth can be applied in other real-life situations, and having personal input in the conversation. It’s just better together!
Our current LifeGroup Communities:
*Monday Evenings @ 6:00
–the discussion is held at the Annex and is led by Krista Goecker
–Currently discussing “A Story worth living”
–For More info phone Krista @ 541-337-7320
–865 W Auklet – small house across from church
Palmer, AK 99645
*Thursday Evenings @ 6:30
-Lazy Lane LifeGroup-
–the discussion is held at the Goecker’s home and is led by them
–Currently discussing Job and the book “Our Ultimate Refuge”
–Child care is provided as needed
–For More info phone 907-707-4185
–1650 N. Lazy Lane Map 
Palmer, AK 99645
* 4th Thursday of the Month @ 11 – noon
-Super Moms LifeGroup-
–Monthly life group/Play date for Moms with young children
–Meets at Palmer Dairy Queen
–Led by Lindsey Alarid
–For More info phone Lindsey @ 907-738-0664